Dana Elfarra

Dana completed both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biomedical Engineering at Birmingham City University (UK). Her passion in Biomechanics and rehabilitation engineering inspired her to work with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on a project that investigated several orthotic treatment methods for diabetic patients. She also conducted research on wearable technology which resulted in the development of a fall detection system with an alerting feature.

My interests originate from the innovative technological advancements applied within the medical industry. What intrigued me to Delsys Europe was its effective use of wireless devices, miniaturized electronics, and signal processing techniques to assess muscular bio-signals.

Working at Delsys has enlightened me to incredible ongoing researchers. It is intriguing to observe the applications of surface EMG and how it can be utilized to develop our understanding of the brain’s role in controlling muscles. I look forward to seeing how this knowledge can be applied to improve prosthetic control, motor disorder treatments and rehabilitation treatments.”

Steven Lindley