Jonathan Hagyard

Jonathan completed both his undergraduate and master’s degrees at Loughborough University (UK) with a focus on incorporating both applied physiology and biomechanics for the assessment of sports performance. His research interests include the investigation of neuromuscular control strategies to mitigate against injury mechanisms and the optimisation of technique to increase sports performance.  

“I’ve always enjoyed speaking with people and exchanging ideas on innovation within the field of biomechanics and human movement. After rupturing my anterior cruciate ligament at a young age, it spawned a lot of questions about the mechanisms of injury and how, through understanding the fundamental neuromuscular control strategies, we can better prepare and rehabilitate those within sports performance. This led to pursuing those interests through my academic studies. Working at Delsys Europe allows me to communicate with the research groups looking to push innovative ideas and apply novel technologies to further our understanding about the way in which muscles govern movement. To contact me, please feel free to reach out via the links provided or connect with me on my socials.”

Steven Lindley