Jonathan Hagyard

Jonathan completed both his undergraduate and master’s degrees at Loughborough University (UK) with a focus on incorporating both applied physiology and biomechanics for an understanding of how the brain helps to control movement. His research interests include leveraging the control signals of the neuromuscular system for augmenting movement and force production within human-machine interactions.   

“I’ve always enjoyed speaking with people and exchanging ideas on innovation within the field of applied neurophysiology. Whilst coming from a physiology and biomechanics background, the advancements of technology, signal processing and algorithm development has opened so many new opportunities for working with the myoelectric signals within engineering applications. 

Working at Delsys Europe allows me to communicate with the research groups working at the cutting edge of science and, through using my experience of our EMG technologies, enables me to ensure our customers are getting the best solution for their application. To contact me, please feel free to reach out via the links provided or connect with me on my socials.”

Steven Lindley