Steven Lindley, Ph.D.

Steven has an academic background in Sports and Exercise Science (2008) and Sports Therapy (2010), including 5+ years’ experience in clinical and applied settings. Completing his doctoral work (2015) on motor unit control and joint stability strategies with Delsys EMG decomposition technologies. Steven has been working with Delsys since 2011 in various roles but always with a focus on supporting the European community, now directing Delsys Europe as a central hub for Delsys users in Europe.  

“I have been working with Delsys for the past 10 years, primarily supporting the European community.  My background in academia and clinical practice has really shaped the way we operate at the Delsys Europe office. I want to implement a community-centric approach by putting a clear emphasis on education and application support; this ensures we deliver the best possible support for anyone interested in incorporating wearable technologies into their work. I am happy to engage with customers from undergraduates to professors, from partners to the wider communities about the varied applications of Delsys’ technology.  My area of interest include efficacy of clinical interventions on the motor control system, motor unit behaviour in musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, and application of innovative technology in applied settings.  Please follow the link provided to organise a meeting or find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.”

Steven Lindley