Tom Drayton

Client Support Manager

Adding to an ever-growing and ambitious team, Delsys Europe is pleased to announce Mr. Tom Drayton’s recent arrival. Based in our European office in Manchester (UK), Tom will be joining the Delsys Europe team as a Client Support Manager to help strengthen and facilitate the customer care for our new and existing clients. Coming from a previous role as a Senior Lab Technician, Tom is well versed in troubleshooting, integrations, and working with complementary technologies alongside the Delsys Trigno product range.

The arrival of Tom is a further commitment to ensuring that Delsys customers are valued throughout their EMG journey. Speaking to the new appointment, Steven Lindley, Director of Delsys Europe, added:

It’s great to have Tom join our team and bring with him years of experience working in a biomechanics laboratory, providing a unique perspective and empathetic approach to supporting our clients. We’re happy to be able to continue to support our clients and service the community through more dedicated resources at Delsys, and Tom has exciting plans to take our client experience to the next level.

Dr. Steven Lindley, Delsys Europe

Delsys Europe are excited about the addition of another passionate individual to aid ourselves and our customers in reaching the collective goals.

To connect with Tom, please find him via the attached social media links or reach out directly via e–mail.