Tom Drayton

Tom completed his undergraduate course in Sports and Exercise Science at Huddersfield University, after which he completed his master’s degree in Biomechanics at Leeds Beckett University where his research focus was on the neuromuscular and kinematic changes during stroller locomotion on gradated surfaces. It was during his masters degree that the world of neuromuscular mechanics opened up a range of interests.

“After starting my professional career at Nottingham Trent University as a laboratory technician, I realized my passion for helping people, overcoming unique and complex problems and figuring out solutions to assist others. Naturally, this gave me the breadth of skills needed to work for Delsys Europe and resolve client’s problems in a timely manner. I’m a firm believer that the more I can help others to succeed, the more I succeed and that we can all benefit by reaching out and helping others.

To connect with me, find my social links and feel free to reach out with any questions via”

Steven Lindley