Trigno Centro
Sense the future
Trigno Centro

Built on the past, informed by the present, designed for the future.

Created from 30 years of experience and engagement within the EMG community, Trigno Centro presents an evolutionary step at the core of our product ecosystem.

Designed for unrivaled research quality in human movement, engineering, and neurophysiology applications, the only limit to your research is your curiosity.

Sense the future

Human movement is complex. Trigno Centro dynamically unravels this complexity.

Discover the intricacies and co-ordination of motor control.

Measure from up to


Trigno sensors simultaneously




Capture EMG your way

For every application, Trigno Centro supports your research.

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Compatible with all Trigno EMG sensors

Trigno Centro offers unparalleled flexibility. Design your system to be as unique as your research.

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Combine EMG with your favorite tools

Research, and the pursuit of the unknown, demands sophisticated tools and expansive setups. Trigno Centro meets this challenge by providing advanced pathways.

Combine real-time physiological data with the broadest range of EMG sensors inside a unified software experience.

Real-time API pathways for custom streaming.

Custom triggering options for synchronization and integrations with leading biomechanical tools.

Input 6 channels of high-frequency analog data up to 48KHz.

Software Solutions

Unified data collection for simplifying the ability to plot and store your measurements

Explore motor control with automatic motor unit extraction and analysis

Reveal regional activation patterns from dynamic HDsEMG

Real-time API pathways for custom streaming in Python, C#, and Unity

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