Amy Robinson, Ph.D.

Amy gained her Ph.D. in the effects of manipulating bicycle mechanical components on the human neuromusculoskeletal system which was a co-collaborative project between Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) and Simon Fraser University (BC, Canada). Her areas of interest include fundamental aspects of muscle behaviour, sport science, and signal processing techniques. 

“I joined the Delsys Europe team with some pretty broad experience; my background was predominantly in applied sport science and my time in research really sparked my interest in the underpinnings of how muscles behave during dynamic actions.  Although past research has taught us so much about how muscles function in isolation, there is still a lot to discover about how they behave during dynamic actions. I love how technology opens up the ability for us to start answering these questions. I was attracted to Delsys Europe because their commitment to the research & development of wearable technologies has created the forward-thinking biomechanical assessment tools they are known for today, enabling exciting investigations into these areas to take place!  If you would like to connect with me, you can make appointments directly with me on Calendly or find me on my email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Research Gate. Looking forward to hearing how I can help you with all your upcoming projects.”

Steven Lindley