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At Delsys Europe, we are redefining the boundaries of electromyography (EMG) in movement sciences, engineering, and neurophysiology. Since establishing the European office in 2017, Manchester has been our central hub for innovative and pioneering work, and we have solidified our position as the go-to provider of support for academics and industry sectors seeking cutting-edge EMG solutions.

We excel in creating wireless EMG systems and providing state–of–the–art technological solutions to applications that span every sector and impact every aspect of human movement and interaction with the world. The Trigno product ecosystem offers crucial insights into the intricacies of the nervous system, changing the landscape for research in human-machine interactions, biomedical engineering, ergonomic interventions, and performance assessments. By joining Delsys Europe, you will immerse yourself in diverse projects that span movement sciences, engineering, and neurophysiology while engaging with world leaders in research and industry.

At Delsys Europe, we foster a culture of innovation, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge, placing you at the vanguard of multiple disciplines. As a valued team member, we will empower you to make impactful decisions that shape the company’s future. We are dedicated to providing an environment where your ideas can spur revolutionary scientific advancements. At Delsys Europe, your work is not just a job; it’s a journey of exploration and discovery at the exciting intersection of several dynamic disciplines.

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