Electromyography (EMG) is a widely used tool for applications within sports biomechanics and performance optimisation. The development of advanced wireless sensor technologies has provided coaches, researchers and clinicians key insights into neuromuscular recruitment strategies and muscle fatigue during their athlete’s performance.

Whilst many sports currently use EMG technologies to investigate muscle activity, there is limited work presently done within the world of motorsport. In a world of fine-tuning racing cars to squeeze every advantage, data from EMG sensors could provide invaluable information towards optimising the racing performance of the human ultimately in control of the machine.

On a recent track day, at Goodwood racecourse (UK), we were fortunate to join the Motorsport Biomechanics team, and founder Michael Wakefield, for a firsthand experience of how they assess the muscle activity of the drivers live on the track.

Michael’s involvement within motorsport started at an early age. The passion for motorsport has now translated into the development of performance optimisation programmes through biomechanical assessments. This latest venture all stemmed from a 2017 International Society for Biomechanics in Sport (ISBS) conference in Germany.

“After speaking with several scientists at the conference, I couldn’t understand why no one in the world of biomechanics had worked on optimising performance with racing drivers or riders at any level of the sport. When so much engineering goes into the automotive process, and the margins of victory are reliant upon the smallest of advantages, any incremental benefit is of huge significance to the relative chance of success.”

Michael Wakefield, Motorsport Biomechanics

By using Delsys EMG technologies, portable solutions can be provided to deliver evidence-based data to athletes and their coaches. The goal of Motorsport Biomechanics is to now translate that knowledge over to increasing the performance outcomes of their athletes. This is a message that can be carried into many different applications across multiple sports.

For more information on the application of EMG technology within sport, connect with us at contact@delsyseurope.com and stay tuned for the upcoming blog.