Delsys Europe are pleased to present our new partners who will be supporting us in Spain. Biomech-Solutions, which was created in 2013 and forms part of the Rivas group, focus on consulting, supply, commissioning and training of biomechanical measurements and analysis technologies. Based in Madrid, the Biomech team comprises a young and vibrant group who are eager to take on new challenges and find custom solutions for innovative research questions.

Biomech-Solutions strives to make tangible differences within the fields of clinical evaluations and assessment, sports performance, engineering, research and education. Through working with a wide variety of world leading manufacturers in the human movement sciences market, Biomech-Solutions can provide users with the ultimate choice and value in instrumentation accessories, consumables and custom products.  

Bruno Bazuelo
Bruno Bazuelo

Speaking to the new distributor partnership with Delsys Europe, Bruno Bazuelo, a Sports Biomechanical Engineer by trade, expressed his excitement towards the future collaborations:

“We are delighted to be working and partnering with Delsys within our new daily practices and engagements. Delsys have long been recognized as a leader within the field of Electromyography (EMG) and are renowned for their innovative approaches to the manufacturing and marketing of high-fidelity EMG technologies.”

“After a strong start to our relationship, including the on-boarding of a number of new clients, we look forward to representing Delsys in the Spanish region and serving the community with the same enthusiasm and tenacity as we do with all our customers.”

Offering further comments to the growing partnership with Biomech-Solutions and the team in Spain, Dr. Steven Lindley, European Director, shared his perspective on the exciting growth plans

We’re committed to progressing the field of EMG in Spain and now, working alongside Biomech-Solutions, we are confident that we can offer closer support to the Spanish market with their long history of client relations and excellent knowledge of the field. 

Working with Bruno and his team is a pleasure as they offer great insights across so many fields, and importantly always with a smile. We look forward to working with Biomech-Solutions in supporting our expansive EMG products in Research, Clinical and Applied settings.

Dr. Steven Lindley, Delsys Europe

We encourage all our customers in Spain to engage with Biomech-Solutions where the team will be happy to hear from you and support you. 

For more information, you can find the Biomech-Solutions team at the social media links provided or reach out directly with any queries to