Trigno Avanti Sensor

Trigno Avanti Sensor

Superior EMG + IMU Technology

Sensor Design


Compact and durable

Get insightful measurements with precision

  • Improved RF Performance

  • Cable-free Design

  • Selectable EMG Bandwidth Settings

  • On-board Signal Processing

27 mm
37 mm
Button-less operation

13 mm
Enhanced Indicator Display
On-board Stabilizing References Inter-Electrode Spacing:
10 mm
Contoured Surface
Differential EMG Input


Capture muscle activity and movement data that’s accurate and reliable wherever and whenever you need it.

Trigno Avanti

System & Software

The Trigno Avanti Sensor is designed to work with all Trigno systems.

Trigno Research+ System

Our flagship system for reliable, synchronized EMG + IMU recordings in research.

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Trigno Lite System

Low profile, entry-level EMG system that yields robust, research-worthy results.

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Trigno Mobile System

On-the-go tools for clinical and teaching applications.

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Take movement sciences beyond the lab, to where the human body is in its element.

Technical Information

Sensor Channels
1x EMG, up to 6x IMU

Reference Type
Dual on-board stabilizing reference

Inter-Electrode Spacing
10 mm

Size (Body)
27 x 37 x 13 mm

14 g

Battery Life
4-8 hours

Operating Range
40 m in RF mode
Host Dependent/unlimited datalogger

Wireless Protocol
-2.400-2.483 GHz ISM Band,Proprietary RF Protocol
-BLE V4.2

EMG Bandwidths
10-850 Hz
20-450 Hz

EMG Sampling Rate (Max)
4370 sa/sec

Contact Material
99.9% Silver

Protected by one or more of the following Patents 6480731, 6238338, 6440067, 9351559, 8971983, EP1070479

Accelerometer Sampling Rate (Max)
963 sa/sec

Gyroscope Sampling Rate (Max)
741 sa/sec

Orientation Sampling Rate (Max)
222 sa/sec

Sensor Resolution
16 bits

EMG Baseline Noise (typical)
750 nV

EMG Input Range
11 mV / 22 mV rti

<-80 dB

Recharge Time (typical)
2.5 hours

Inter-Sensor Latency
< 1 sampling period

On-Board EMG Filter
-Butterworth bandpass (40/80 dB/dec)
-RMS Envelope Calculation (100 ms window)

Real-Time IMU Orientation Filter
Quaternions or RPY (selectable)

Medical Grade Polycarbonate

Seal and Protection
UV-sealed to prevent moisture from entering the sensor & to enhance patient safety

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