We are proud to announce the launch of the Delsys Europe website.

After opening the European office in 2017, the latest step forward is a further commitment to the European biomechanics community. Delsys Europe are an extension to the Delsys Family and provide exceptional sales, technical and educational support to all our European customers.

Headed by Dr Steven Lindley, Delsys Europe are a dynamic and innovative team with a shared passion for helping researchers push the boundaries within human movement sciences. The new website will act as an online portal for product information, educational materials, latest news, and upcoming events within Europe. You will also get to meet the team who provide you with the personal product experience.

“Starting my journey at Delsys in April 2011, I was quickly enchanted by the possibilities that lay ahead in the field of Electromyography (EMG). Through steadfast and tenacious mentorship, Devi De Luca guided me towards the vision of a central hub in Europe. Since our first visions of Delsys Europe, we recognised it was going to be an evolutionary arc and today marks a landmark occasion in launching our dedicated website. The launching of the website is more than a symbolic gesture. Instead, it offers our users a home to access key insights into Delsys products and support of the human movement communities. There will be many more landmark occasions to acknowledge as we continue our path of increasing our support within the European community. But today, we reflect on where we have been and importantly where we are going together.”

Dr Steven Lindley, European Manager

Whether you are looking for wireless technology to assess movement, interested in upgrading your existing system or requiring technical support, the team at Delsys Europe will be there to provide answers to your questions. To carry on your journey through human movement science, be sure to visit delsyseurope.com and find out where EMG can take you.