Trigno Hand Performance Monitor

First Ever Hybrid Technology For Real-time Monitoring
of Muscle Forces, Muscle Fatigue, Grip Stability and Grip Strength

Expand your Trigno Avanti System

Miniature EMG Sensors & Hand Dynamometer Join Force

Intuitively provide comprehensive information on hand fatigue, hand strength and hand stability for human movement scientists and rehabilitation clinics

Hand Rehabilitation Monitoring

Strength Performance Testing

Joint Movement Testing

Muscle Force Testing

Complete Picture of Hand & Forearm Health

Consistent and easy-to-understand metrics generated from EMG & Dynamometery

Trigno Duo Mini EMG Sensors

Advanced, 2-channel EMG + IMU sensor with two of the smallest EMG sensing heads in the market.

Hand Dynamometer

Combine force and EMG measurements for a complete picture of strength performance with the Trigno Duo


Trigno HPM Mobile

Real-time Monitoring of Hand Grip Stability & Hand Strength

Trigno HPM Research

Research-grade analysis for deeper investigation

Trigno HPM

Hand Grip Strength

Quantify grip strength and identify muscle imbalances to obtain the complete picture of hand performance


Trigno HPM (Coming Soon)

Hand Stability

Assess hand grip motor control to help guide rehabilitation and track progress

Coming Soon

Trigno HPM (Coming Soon)


Monitor muscle fatigue in real-time to tailor effective training programs and deliver individualized care

Trigno HPM + Research

Featuring export capabilities and powerful tools

for further analysis of EMG and dynamometer data


Reliable measurement of muscle forces, muscle fatigue, grip stability, and grip strength.

Ready to print results.

Real-world applications
Hand Dysfunction, Hand Stability and Iso-metric strength training.

Hands-on tools
Walk through video instructions to detailed user’s guide for quick setup to printing reports.

Sensor Channels
2x EMG, up to 6x IMU

Reference Type
Dual on-board stabilizing reference

Inter-Electrode Spacing
10 mm

Size (Body)
27 x 46 x 13 mm

Size (Head)
25 x 12 x 7 mm

21 g

Cable Lengths
10 in.

Operating Range
40 m in RF mode
Host Dependent/unlimited datalogger

Wireless Protocol
-2.400-2.483 GHz ISM Band, Proprietary RF Protocol
-BLE V4.2

EMG Bandwidths
10-850 Hz
20-450 Hz

EMG Sampling Rate (Max)
2148 sa/sec

Accelerometer Sampling Rate (Max)
963 sa/sec

Gyroscope Sampling Rate (Max)
741 sa/sec

Orientation Sampling Rate (Max)
361 sa/sec

Sensor Resolution
16 bits

EMG Baseline Noise (typical)
750 nV

EMG Input Range
11 mV / 22 mV rti

<-80 dB

Battery Life
Up to 8 hours

Recharge Time (typical)
2.5 hours

Inter-Sensor Latency
< 1 sampling period

EMG Analog Output Delay
48 ms Fixed

ACC/Gyro Analog Output Delay
96 ms Fixed

On-Board EMG Filter
-Butterworth bandpass (40/80 dB/dec)
-RMS Envelope Calculation (100 ms window)

Real-Time IMU Orientation Filter
Quaternions or RPY (selectable)

Medical Grade Polycarbonate

Seal and Protection
UV-sealed to prevent moisture from entering the sensor & to enhance patient safety

Protected by one or more of the following Patents 6480731, 6238338, 6440067, 9351559, 8971983, EP1070479

175mm x 76 mm x 56 mm


Input Voltage
12.0 VDC

Power Consumption
< 3.0 Watts*

Up to 4 Sensors

Sensor Charge Time
2.5 hours*

*typical operation, actual use cases may vary

Learn more from the official Owner’s Manual.

  • Recommended Devices
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (for EMG Plots and EMG Reports)
    Samsung Galaxy S10 (for EMG Logger)

  • Android 6.0 and above

  • Bluetooth 4.1 and above

  • Up to 4 sensors per device

  • Sampling rates
    EMG (raw): (up to) 2000 Hz
    EMG (RMS): 333.3 Hz (125 ms Window Width, 122 ms Window Overlap)
    ACC: 133.3 Hz
    Gyro: 133.3 Hz
    Orientation (Quaternion or PRY): 66.7 Hz

Trigno® Systems and HPM software are battery-powered wireless biofeedback devices intended for muscle re-education, relaxation and research purposes.

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