Trigno Maize System

Data-driven images of muscles in real time during dynamic movements.

Sensor Design

What’s Included

Automatic muscle activity mapping.

Trigno Maize Sensor

Fully compatible with our Trigno Research+ System. This 16-ch HDEMG sensor delivers multi-point EMG recordings of muscles in real-time during dynamic movements.


Acquire sEMG signals and process map muscle activity. Stream data digitally into Trigno Discover or the Delsys API for integration.


Trigno Maize Sensor

16-channel HDEMG.

30 mm
50 mm
patented active
EMG electrodes
46 mm Reusable
high-density sEMG sensor

27 mm
for high spatial
           6 mm
Automatic muscle activity mapping 6 in
13 mm

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