Delsys Family of Products

Complete Solutions for Human Movement

Delsys manufactures and markets wireless electromyography (EMG) based solutions for monitoring human movement in research, clinical and educational settings.

Research Systems

Compatible with all Trigno sensors and PC software

2-32 Sensors

Communicate via RF protocol

Integrate with Trigger Module, analog outputs, API, SDK, and third-party software plugins

Trigno Research+ System

Our flagship system for reliable, synchronized EMG + IMU recordings in research facilities.

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NeuroMap System

Motor unit acquisition capabilities to study how the neural system controls movement.

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Trigno Maize System

This 16-ch HDsEMG sensor delivers multi-point EMG recordings of muscles in real-time during dynamic movements.

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Lite Systems

Robust wireless performance

Point-of-Care results

Reduced setup time


Trigno Lite System

Low profile, entry-level EMG system that yields robust, research-worthy results.

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Mobile Systems

Compatible with various Trigno sensors

1-4 Sensors

Bluetooth connectivity

Data collection with Mobile EMG Suite

Trigno Mobile System

On-the-go tools for clinical and teaching applications.

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Hand Performance Monitor

First ever hybrid technology for real-time monitoring of muscle forces, muscle fatigue, grip stability, and grip strength.

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