Systems Integration

Analog and Digital Solutions for Powering the Biomechanics Field

Delsys systems add significant value to your new or existing lab with their ability to seamlessly integrate and work with a number of commonly used biomechanical equipment and data acquisition platforms.

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Analog Integration

Integrate with third-party data acquisition systems capable of sampling analog signals in the ±5V range.

Bagnoli™ Desktop | Trigno™ Avanti Research+

Digital Integration

Delsys Software Development Kit grants access to all of the signals detected by the Trigno™ system



Synchronize your system using the Trigno™ system’s trigger port and the Delsys Trigger Module.

Trigger Module | Trigger Adapter

Application Program Interface

The Delsys Application Program Interface (API) is intended to be used as a software component in a finished software product for third-party applications to facilitate the development of research-clinical- applications using Trigno™ Avanti Sensors.

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Delsys API

BoB -4- Delsys

A biomechanical analysis package for human musculoskeletal modeling and movement data analysis.

  • Analyze EMG + IMU data from Trigno Sensors

  • Display muscle activation on animated skeletal models

  • Compatible with motion tracking systems and MATLAB

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H+ Trigno Hand Performance Monitor

First Ever Hybrid Technology For Real-time Monitoring of Muscle Forces, Muscle Fatigue, Grip Stability and Grip Strength

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H+ Hand Performance Monitor

Software Development Kit

The Delsys SDK enables Programmers and Developers to create specialized software for visualizing or processing surface EMG and other physiological data transmitted from Trigno™ Sensors.

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Delsys technology integration with ADInstruments

Trigger Module

Designed in order to facilitate connections to the Trigger Port.

It offers full signal conditioning to ensure that input signals are properly configured for Delsys hardware and that output signals are properly configured for secondary equipment.

Trigger Module

Data Acquisition and Analysis

Full triggering capabilities to control the start and stop of all data acquisition systems in a given experimental setup.



Trigger on rising or falling edges, Positive or Negative Outputs, Short and Long Pulse Outputs, 5V active logic or Passive Switch logic.

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Compatible with

Standard BNC connections for ease-of-use. Bagnoli™ Desktop and Trigno™ Wireless Systems.

Bagnoli™ | Trigno™

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