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BOSTON — Nov 27, 2005 — Dr. A. L. Hof, University of Groningen has been named the winner of the $9,000 Delsys Prize for 2005, the world’s only prize that recognizes invention and innovation in the field of Electromyography. The winner was chosen from a field of 68 applicants who underwent a rigorous evaluation process by a review panel consisting of experts from a range of scientific, engineering and medical disciplines in academia and industry.

Dr. Hof, head of the Laboratory of Human Movement lab who has dedicated over 20 years of his research on understanding the basics of Electromyograph profiles in movement won the 2005 Delsys Prize for the proposal titled “Discriminating between normal and abnormal EMG profiles in walking”

“We were impressed again this year with the number of applications, range of talents and ideas presented from researchers from all over the world, representing a wide variety of interests across the Electromyograph field said Prof. Carlo J. De Luca, chairman of the Delsys Prize Awards Committee, President and CEO of Delsys.

“Delsys has been at the forefront of EMG technology development, and continues to provide world-class products to Electromyograph researchers and innovators worldwide,” continued Prof. De Luca. And we want to be the leader in furthering the development of Electromyograph field; the Delsys Prize is intended to do that, said Prof. De Luca.

Dr. William Sands, Head of the Sports Science Division – Sport Biomechanics and Engineering U.S. Olympic Committee, who received honorable mention for the second time, said “I have been very flattered to reach honorable mention twice. I love Electromyography and am continuously looking for avenues to further its use. The Delsys Prize provides a wonderful forum to promote the use of EMG and our lab will continue to participate in this process so that one day we have the honor of winning the prize.”

About Delsys Prize:

The world’s only prize for invention and innovation in the field of Electromyography, the Delsys Prize annually honors researchers who demonstrate excellence in creativity and invention surrounding the field of Electromyography. It was established by Professor Carlo J. De Luca in 2003 to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of Delsys Inc.

About Delsys, Inc:

Delsys is a spin-off company from the NeuroMuscular Research Center at Boston University. The company designs, manufactures, and markets a variety of products that are mainly used to detect and measure very low level electrical signals that are generated in a muscle when it contracts (the EMG signal). Products sold by the Company also include EKG sensor, Accelerometers, Foot sensors, Goniometers and a range of other biosensors.

To date over 600 laboratories and clinics in all over the globe are using Delsys EMG systems for exploring the workings of the neuromuscular system; in clinics for assessing the extent of neuromuscular injury or disability and for monitoring the progress of rehabilitation; in sports applications for enhancing human neuromuscular performance; in ergonomics for providing quantitative evaluations of workers performing tasks or for improving the interaction between the human body and machines; and in biofeedback applications for reducing muscle stress, relearning movement patterns, and enhancing skilled performance.

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