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Support, HPF/CSV File Export, and more

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Released on 8 June 2023

The latest Trigno Discover update is currently available for download and brings new features, updates, and bug fixes. Among the major features are Trigno Link Support, allowing seamless integration with Trigno sensors, and the ability to export files in HPF format. Additionally, the CSV file export now includes a timestamp option for improved data organization.


  • Maintain Y-Axis zoom settings for consecutive streams
  • Added Offline License Activation option
  • Added ability to clear system memory to factory defaults
  • Added sensor numbers to device names in plots by default
  • All sensors are now “Selected” by default after a scan is complete
  • Improved plot performance when “auto-scale” is enabled
  • Added category for “Analog Output” enabled modes for Avanti sensors for better clarity
  • Updated supported mode list for Maize sensors

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed potential crash when loading sensor config menus upon running Discover for the first time
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed EMG Range setting values in sensor config menus
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Spring Contact” sensor icon to not appear when this sensor type is connected
  • Increased stability of “Scanning” and “Pairing” operations
  • Fixed an issue with loading certain sensor configurations based on system settings
  • Various UI fixes and updates