Jacques Gay
Jacques GayProduct Specialist

In 2017, Delsys made a commitment to further support the European community by opening the Delsys Europe office (Manchester, UK). With the betterment of the customer experience always at the forefront of our mind, the question always remains of how can we move forward?  

With the continued growth and support of customers paramount to our overall vision; it is with great excitement that we welcome Mr Jacques Gay to the Delsys Europe team as a Product Specialist. Jacques brings with him a wealth of experience within the biomechanics and life sciences field. Alongside this experience and knowledge, Jacques has an outstanding characteristic – Passion. Passion is what drives us to progress within the field and support our products with the same enthusiasm as the first day we started. Joining an already youthful, fast paced, and forward-thinking team, Jacques will bring fresh perspectives to advance the support of our new and existing customers. 

The team at Delsys Europe are delighted with the arrival of Jacques and we look forward to serving the European community with the same passion and tenacity that has carried Delsys forward for the last 30 years! 

To connect with Jacques, please find him via the attached social media links or reach out directly via email.