Combining critically important physiological data enables researchers to quantify an individual’s performance and wellbeing like never before. Trigno Link is the future of integration and offers a combined platform for measuring Trigno EMG, VO² from VO2 Master, muscle oxygenation, heart rate, and biomechanical responses to exercise and performance interventions. But, what does combining EMG and VO² offer?

Explore the possibilities with Trigno Link where neuromuscular performance intersects with physiological responses.

How is VO² used?

VO² is a commonly used tool within sports science, physiology and human performance assessments. It measures the maximum amount of oxygen an individual can utilize during exercise. VO² is a measure of aerobic capacity and is commonly used to assess an individual’s fitness level, to establish resting metabolic rates, examine ventilatory thresholds and provide information on the time spent in different training zones during a protocol.

VO2 Master is the first and only true portable VO² analyser on the market. It provides a new platform to analyse performance and, through the cable free design, allows for metabolic performance to be monitored on the go!

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27 mm
37 mm
Button-less operation

13 mm
Enhanced Indicator Display
On-board Stabilizing References Inter-Electrode Spacing:
10 mm
Contoured Surface
Differential EMG Input

What is EMG?

EMG is an experimental technique, typically used within human movement assessments and performance monitoring, that involves the recording and analysis of the electrical signals that emanate from the muscles during contractions and force production. By gaining insight into the status of muscular excitation, researchers, clinicians, sports practitioners, and engineers have been able to determine:

The level of muscular effort involved – gained from assessing the overall EMG signal amplitude.

Co-ordination between muscles – assessed by the activation timings of muscles.

The effects of muscle fatigue – an exploration of the frequency component of the EMG signal.

Neural control strategies – how is the brain adapting to training or external stimuli.

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Why combine EMG and VO²?

Combining EMG and VO² measurements offer several benefits, including:

  1. Improved accuracy: By combining EMG and VO² measurements, researchers can obtain more accurate and comprehensive data on muscle activity, energy expenditure, and metabolic demand during physical activities.

  2. Better insight into muscle function: The simultaneous measurement of EMG and VO² allows for a more detailed understanding of how muscles function during exercise, as well as how they respond to changes in workload, intensity, and duration.

  3. Enhanced treatment planning: Healthcare professionals can use the information obtained from EMG and VO² measurements to develop more effective treatment plans for patients with muscle and metabolic disorders, such as neuromuscular diseases and diabetes.

  4. Increased efficiency of training programs: Combining EMG and VO² measurements can help coaches and athletes optimize training programs by identifying the most effective exercises, intensity levels, and recovery periods needed to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Overall, the integration of EMG and VO² measurements can provide valuable insights into the physiological processes that underlie physical activity, which can be useful for a range of applications, from sports performance training to rehabilitation and medical treatment planning.

Introducing Trigno Link

Integrating EMG and metabolic measurements has now never been easier!

Trigno Link is a cutting-edge tool combining perfectly time synchronised 3rd party physiological devices with our EMG through one unified Trigno software platform with Trigno Discover.

The main benefits of Trigno Link:

1. Reveal original insights from the neuromuscular and metabolic demands of your intervention.

2. Streamline data collection by merging high-performing technologies for research-grade results.

3. Customise your experiment with a range of different options, for a set-up as novel as your research.

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